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Re: [wml] Re: Discussion about stable/unstable, etc.

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Jan Holler wrote:

> I have to update to wml 2.0.x first to be able to contribute
> something. I have to steal some time somewhere.

How about spending less time on philosophical eMails?

> That is a pity. E.g. I work 10 hours a day for almost 7 days a
> week. There is just a bit time left.

I am sure Ralf and Denis will pull out their handkerchief any time
soon now.

> Besides it has been years ago for me when I produced some usable
> code. Skills do degenerate when you don't train them. I think your
> statement is too radical, there should be some way in
> between. 

I am sure Ralf and Denis appreciate contributions other than code as
well, such as bug reports, ideas, etc.

> Besides: You don't have to be programmer to have good ideas. A
> programm is just the algorithm of a thought, but what do I tell
> you...

Remember, though, if you don't send your own solutions to a problem,
then it is a whole lot better to send in the problems you want to
solve and leave the details of the solution to the developer that
might want to implement it:

      If you present problems, you get solutions,
      if you present solutions, you get problems.
	 					(wise man)

> Thank you for your feedback.



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