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Changes between WML 2.0.3 and WML 2.0.4

This time, there have been few changes, so here is the whole ChangeLog

    *) Fix wml::mod::MakeMaker (19-Sep-2000):
       The `extradistfiles' attribute did not work.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Fix problems with synclines and protection (19-Sep-2000):
       The `synclines' feature was not documented in WML 2.0.3.
       It helps debugging by putting some special commands after
       pass 1 to keep track of input line numbers.
       Unfortunately, these extra commands will remain on output when
       included file is inside a protected area.
       This problem is now documented, and 2 solutions exist: either
       compile with `-W1,-N', or append the `IPP_NOSYNCLINES' special
       keyword to the #include line.
       [Many Debian people]

    *) Improve wml::des::navbar (16-Sep-2000):
       By default (called `inner' mode), epilog is put after sub-menu
       buttons, i.e. navbars are nested.  When <navbar:render> is called
       with attribute `menumode=outer', then sub-menus are inserted after
       [Tobias Oetiker]

    *) Make wml_p7_htmlfix customizable (16-Sep-2000):
       Two new options let the user decide which fixups are performed
       or skipped.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Fix wml_p7_htmlfix (13-Sep-2000):
       The version shipped with WML 2.0.3 is broken, there are problems
       with unquoted attributes containing a slash sign.
       [Roland Rosenfeld]

    *) Support w3m in addition to lynx in wmd (13-Sep-2000):
       The wmd command now searches through $PATH for w3m and lynx (and
       prefers w3m over lynx) instead of insisting on the existence of lynx.
       [Ralf S. Engelschall]

    *) Upgraded to LinkLint 2.2 (10-Sep-2000):
       [Ralf S. Engelschall, James B. Bowlin]
NB: This upgrade was made possible because James B. Bowlin is
    relicensing his software.  He was kind enough to provide us this
    relicensed version before putting it on his website, so please
    do not bother him with LinkLint related questions before his website
    is updated.
    Be patient, and if you are not, ask me <barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr>.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
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