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newbie help needed converting 1.7.4 -> 2.0.4

I'm fairly new to wml, and a lot of what appears on this list is way
beyond me. I'm having what i hope is a simple problem converting our
site from WML 1.7.4 (Debian potato) to WML 2.0.4 (Debian woody).

I started by just changing my <define-container>s to <define-tag>s
and tried a make. many pages compile just fine (with some warnings),
but some fail. here's the results of a make on a failing file:

eafarris@eafarris:/var/www$ wmk education.wml
/usr/bin/wml -n -o education.html education.wml
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:tl_template.wml:32: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:9: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:21: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:33: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:45: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:45: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:45: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:45: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:45: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:45: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: Warning:education.wml:45: `</p>' found without begin tag
/usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: ERROR:education.wml:45: EOF when reading argument of the `set-var' tag
** WML:Break: Error in Pass 2 (rc=1).
** WMk:Break: Error in WML (rc=256)

the file (attached, along with all the source files it depends on)
isn't complicated at all; i'm doing no ePerl or tricks like that. some
diversion, though pages that compile without errors do the same thing. my
main concern is, of course, the error, but the warnings puzzle me as
well. those pages that compile without errors still float those warnings
about </p> tags.

attached to this message are the education.wml file and its dependencies
(w/o graphics :) thanks in advance for any help you can give to me, or
at least pointing me in the right direction to debug this further. there
are no problems with the source under WML 1.7.4.

eric a. Farris  eafarris@al.umces.edu  www.bigfoot.com/~eafarris
Systems Administrator
Appalachian Laboratory, UMCES  www.al.umces.edu

Linux: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Trim your feeble lamp, my brother / Some poor sailor, tempest-tossed,
Trying now, to make the harbor, / In the darkness may be lost.
#include 'tl_template.wml'

..PAGETITLE>>Education -- UMCES-AL<<..

<navbar:render name=main select=education>
<p>The <href url="http://www.al.umces.edu/" name="Appalachian Laboratory (AL)"> of the \
<href url="http://www.umces.edu/" name="University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES)"> \
has a strong history of involvement in graduate education. Although not part of a \
degree-granting campus, AL plays a leadership role in both the \
<href url="http://www.mees.umd.edu" name="Marine - Estuarine - Environmental Sciences (MEES) Program"> \
at the <href url="http://www.umcp.umd.edu/" name="University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP)"> \
and the graduate programs of the \
<href url="http://www.frostburg.edu/dept/biol/bioldept.htm" name="Department of Biology"> at \
<href url="http://www.frostburg.edu/" name="Frostburg State University (FSU)">. Both the courses \
offered and types of student research directed by AL faculty reflect strengths in landscape \
and watershed ecology, aquatic ecology, conservation and restoration ecology, and evolutionary \
and behavioral ecology.</p> 



<h1 align="right"><myfont>Degree Options</myfont></h1>

<h2><myfont>UMCP MEES Program</myfont></h2>

<p>The <href url="http://www.mees.umd.edu/" name="MEES Program"> is an inter-disciplinary \
effort of the <href url="http://www.usm.edu/" name="University System of Maryland">, and \
grants both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. MEES is organized around six areas of specialization (AOSs):</p>
  <li>Environmental science (with a subprogram in environmental management / policy)</li>
  <li>Oceanography (both physical and biological)</li>
  <li>Environmental molecular biology / biotechnology</li>
  <li>Environmental chemistry</li>
  <li>Fisheries science (including fisheries ecology, fisheries management, and aquaculture)</li>

<p>The four areas most likely of interest to students of AL faculty include \
ecology, environmental science, fisheries science, and environmental chemistry. \
The general MEES requirements and individual AOS requirements are minimal, so that \
MEES can be responsive to both student and faculty needs. Faculty associated with \
the MEES program represent at least six campuses of the System. Notably, UMCES and \
UMCP comprise over half of the faculty associated with MEES. Further information on \
the MEES Program, associated faculty, coursework, and admissions can be obtained from:</p>
  <li>The <href url="http://www.mees.umd.edu" name="MEES Home Page"></li>
  <li>The <href url="http://www.inform.umd.edu/EdRes/GradInfo/Graduate_Catalog/" name="UMCP Graduate Catalog"></li>
  <li>The MEES Program Guide (available from the MEES Program office; please call 301.405.6938)</li>
  <li>The MEES Director (Dr. Ken Paynter; 301-405-6938 or via email: <href url="mailto:paynter@zool.umd.edu" name="paynter@zool.umd.edu">).</li>


<h2><myfont>Frostburg State University</myfont></h2>

<p>Through its <href url="http://www.frostburg.edu/dept/biol/biolmain.htm" name="Department of Biology">, \
<href url="http://www.frostburg.edu/" name="Frostburg State University"> offers M.S. degrees \
in either Wildlife / Fisheries Biology (WFB), or Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology (AECB). \
AL faculty direct graduate students in either of these degree programs. Both programs have core \
course requirements. Elective courses to complete degrees in WFB or AECB generally come from four \
departments: Biology, Geography, Economics, and Mathematics. Currently the AL faculty and administration \
are pursuing the potential for a sub-program in Landscape and Watershed Ecology within FSU's AECB degree. \
Further information on FSU graduate programs, degree requirements, and admissions materials can be obtained from:</p>
  <li>The <href url="http:/www.frostburg.edu/grad/bios.htm" name="Master of Science: Biological Sciences web page"></li>
  <li>The FSU graduate catalog (available from the Registrar's Office; 301.687.4736)</li>
  <li>The Department of Biology's Graduate Program Coordinator (Dr. Gwen Brewer; 301.687.4306 or via e-mail: <href url="mailto:gbrewer@frostburg.edu" name="gbrewer@frostburg.edu">).</li>


<h1 align="right"><myfont>Student Admission and Support</myfont></h1>
<p>Admission to either the UMCP MEES Program or the FSU graduate program is competitive from two points of view. \
First, applicants are judged on their academic merits. Second, before academically eligible students are \
admitted, they must be accepted by a faculty advisor; many such students are not accepted into these \
graduate programs for lack of an advisor. Thus, prospective students interested in working with AL \
faculty advisors should correspond directly with <href url="/newsite/faculty" name="AL faculty members"> \
having similar research interests about potential research projects and assistantships.</p>
<p>Most AL graduate students are supported by research assistantships based on faculty grants or contracts. \
In addition, there are a limited number of competitively awarded teaching assistantships available. \
Outstanding applicants may also be nominated by the MEES Program for highly competitive UMCP Graduate \
School Fellowships.</p>
<p>Currently, AL students within the MEES Program generally maintain residence in College Park for one \
to two years - depending on the amount and type of coursework needed - before moving onto full-time research \
at AL. Students enrolled in FSU M.S. programs generally reside in <href url="http://www.ci.frostburg.md.us/" name=Frostburg> \
throughout their degree program.</p>


<h1 align="right"><myfont>Contacts for Graduate Education at AL</myfont></h1>
<p>Prospective students are encouraged to solicit general information and become familiar with the \
graduate program of interest before contacting AL faculty. Specific questions about the programs \
should be directed to the MEES Program Director or FSU Biology Graduate Program Director (see contacts above). \
Questions concerning AL research assistantships should be directed to individual faculty members. \
Our <href url="/newsite/faculty/index.html" name="faculty page"> has a listing of faculty and their research interests.</p>

# topleveltemplate.wml -- template for top level pages
#                         ea Farris Oct 1999
# this is the template file used by top-level pages. it
# includes the navbar file and the global mytags file.

#use wml::std::grid
#use wml::std::href
#use wml::std::info
#use wml::std::page
#use wml::std::toc style=ul
#use wml::std::tags

#include '/var/www/mytags.wml'

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/loose.dtd">

<page info text="#003952">
<!-- <link rel=stylesheet type="text/css" href="/alstyles.css"> -->
<grid layout=2x1 border=0 padding=5 width=95%>
 <cell width=155><href url="/index.html" image="<get-var ROOT>/images/home.jpg" name="Appalachian Laboratory Home Page">
 <cell width=*>
 <a name=top><img src="<get-var ROOT>/images/<<PAGEPREFIX>>-title.jpg" alt="<<PAGETITLE>>"></a><br>


#include '/var/www/tl_navbar.wml'

# mytags.wml -- user defined tags for AL website
#               ea Farris, Oct 1999
# this file should be #include-d in each template file
# it includes user-defined tags used throughout the site

# <eos> -- specifies the end of a section, including a "back to top" link
# <footer> -- specifies the footer that appears on the bottom of each page
# <leftsidefooter> -- specifies the footer that appears below the menu on the left side of tl pages
# <email address> -- converts "address" to <a href=mailto:address>address</a>
# <p> -- redefines standard paragraph tag with font information
# <myfont> -- container that expands to the proper font face= tag

#use wml::all

<define-tag eos>
<protect pass=2>
<p><font face="Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica, Swiss, sans-serif" size=1><a href=#top>Back to top</a></font></p>

<define-tag footer>
<p><div align="right"><font size="1">Please address any comments, suggestions, or questions \
to the <href name="webmaster" url="mailto:webmaster@al.umces.edu">.<br>
Source file <get-var WML_SRC_FILENAME> last modified <get-var WML_SRC_ISOTIME> by <get-var WML_SRC_REALNAME>.</font></div></p>

<define-tag leftsidefooter>
<protect pass=2>
<p align="left"><font face="Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica, Swiss, sans-serif" size="1">UMCES Appalachian<br>
301 Braddock Rd.<br>
Frostburg, MD 21532<br><br>
Tel: 301.689.7100<br>
Fax: 301.689.7200<br>
<a href="mailto:pitelka@al.umces.edu">Dr. Louis F. Pitelka</a><br>
Tel: 301.689.7101</font></p>

<define-tag email whitespace=delete>
<preserve address>
<a href="mailto:%0">%0</a>

<define-tag p whitespace=delete endtag=required>
<p*><font face="Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica, Swiss, sans-serif">%body</font></p>

<define-tag myfont whitespace=delete endtag=required>
<font face="Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica, Swiss, sans-serif">%body</font>