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ipp: documentation bug


I'm still using 2.0.1, and on ipp's man page I read:

       -P path
            This sets up one or more prolog program path which
            are applied to each single input file just before
            real processing starts. Use this to pre-process the
            data. The program gets the input filename to process
            as its first argument. When it wants to filter it it
            has to overwrite the file.

The last sentence is clearly wrong, as ipp calls the prolog via:

    #   apply prolog filters
    foreach $p (@opt_P) {
        $rc = system("$p <$tmpfile >$tmpfile.f && mv $tmpfile.f $tmpfile 2>/dev/null");
        &error("Prolog Filter `$p' failed") if ($rc != 0);

So instead one might write "The filter has to accept on STDIN and
write to STDOUT."




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