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Re: Script to upgrade from WML 1.x to 2.x

> > BTW: WML 2.0.4 still contains a glitch in the -O4 option.
> > After a < a href .. > .. </a> construct the blank sign gets
> > removed :(
> In fact i do not know what to do with this flag, so i prefer not to
> change its behaviour. Maybe a reasonable solution would be to
>   - remove spaces after begin tag and before closing tag (for container
>     tags)
>   - leave spaces around simple tags.
> But then what to do with HTML tags having an optional closing tag?
> It sounds really painful, and external tools (like tidy) are much more
> suited for this task. So do not expect wml_p8_htmlstrip to support
> optimization level higher than 2.
Hi Denis,

I dare to suggest, to include these words into the docs.


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