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Problems with relative paths


I always run into this problem. Again in my new site

This is 
-I $HOME/.wml
-D BASE_URL=http://www.generationenprojekt.de
-E $HOME/bin/epilog

In the directory ./Texte I have a file with the following imagepath:

<img src="$(ROOT)/GIFS/marliese.gif"> 

This file is diverted into two files by the lang-shebang-line:


In the first file the imagepath is correct, in the second not.

I think the reason is. The pathes are resolved earlier than the
divertion into two files. How can I set the path right? Do I have to
create the directory "print" on the same level as "Texte"? Or do I
have to divert it like this:


I do not understand the doc about wml:sup::path 


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