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Re: WAP support/conversion?

> do not know for WAP/WML, but writing XHTML documents is quite easy with
> WML (the only real difference in template files is that simple tags must
> be terminated by a slash, and compile with ``-W2,--expansion=0'').
Hi Denis,

sorry I should have mentioned that I know about the XML 
conformity of WAP. Currently I'm fiddling with breaking
the WAP files into so-called cards. The whole file is
usually downloaded by a WAP device, but you have to browse
to smaller pieces (cards) than. 

<card id="1" title="xx">

<card id="2" title="yy">

I have the idea to use
the <toc> tag to provide identies (anchors) to the 
<h*> tags and than converting them by 
means of PERL to <card> tags.

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