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  Hi people,

  I just released WML 2.0.5, this version is mainly a bugfix release to
  close some bugs which may be blocking under certain circumstances. If
  you had hit such a bug, you are strongly advised to update, if you are
  happy with WML 2.0.4, upgrading is not that important.

  Changes between 2.0.4 and 2.0.5:
    *) Improve wml::std::page (23-Oct-2000)
    *) Improve WMd customization (13-Oct-2000)
    *) Add wml_contrib/wml1to2 (02-Oct-2000)
    *) Fix wml::des::navbar (02-Oct-2000)
    *) Improve flags handling (02-Oct-2000)
    *) Fix infinite loop in wml_p8_htmlstrip (28-Sep-2000)
    *) Fix wml_p8_htmlstrip (27-Sep-2000)
    *) Fix compilation on AIX 4.3 (27-Sep-2000)
    *) Fix bug with conditionals in wml_p2_mp4h (27-Sep-2000)

  This version can be downloaded from

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
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