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[RFC] & in URLs


following reports of validator.w3.org, ampersands in URLs must be
  <a href="foo.html?x=a&amp;y=b">foo</a>
since HTML 4.0, but i never see such links.
Is this syntax well understood by all browsers (it works with Lynx and

There are also 2 modules concerned by this behaviour: wml::fmt::url and
wml::std::href.  They currently do not perform any substitution on URLs.
What is the desired behaviour?
  a) Never change URLs, it is the user task to provide valid input.
  b.1) Automatically transform all & into &amp; when displaying text,
       but do not touch links.
  b.2) Automatically transform all & into &amp; in both text and links.
  c.1) By default, no substitution is performed.  An extra attribute
       allows substitution either in text, or in both text and links.
  c.2) By default, substitutions are performed.  An extra attribute
       preserve from this substitution either in link, or in both text
       and links.

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