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Re: [RFC] & in URLs

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 09:10:13AM +0100, Denis Barbier wrote:
> Hi,
> following reports of validator.w3.org, ampersands in URLs must be
> written
>   <a href="foo.html?x=a&amp;y=b">foo</a>
> since HTML 4.0, but i never see such links.
> Is this syntax well understood by all browsers (it works with Lynx and
> Netscape)?
> There are also 2 modules concerned by this behaviour: wml::fmt::url and
> wml::std::href.  They currently do not perform any substitution on URLs.
> What is the desired behaviour?
>   a) Never change URLs, it is the user task to provide valid input.
>   b.1) Automatically transform all & into &amp; when displaying text,
>        but do not touch links.
>   b.2) Automatically transform all & into &amp; in both text and links.
>   c.1) By default, no substitution is performed.  An extra attribute
>        allows substitution either in text, or in both text and links.
>   c.2) By default, substitutions are performed.  An extra attribute
>        preserve from this substitution either in link, or in both text
>        and links.
      I would vote for c.2


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