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Re: [RFC] & in URLs

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Denis Barbier wrote:

> But then, your
>   <href url="foo.html?bar=x&amp;baz=quux">
> will be transformed into
>   <a href="foo.html?bar=x&amp;amp;baz=quux">foo.html?bar=x&amp;amp;baz=quux</a>
> unless a special attribute is set.

Isn't there a chance to configure an exception for &foo; tags?  I
sometimes use &auml; for  and something like this and I don't like
WML to convert this to &amp;auml; which doesn't make sense.

> If there is no objection, i will implement c.2, since there is a
> consensus on it.

If c.2 means, that &auml; is converted to &amp;auml; by default, I
personally prefer c.1.  Otherwise correct HTML would be converted to
broken HTML by default and IMHO correct HTML should keep correct HTML
when piped through wml.



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