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eperl-mode for (X)Emacs


I looked at the sw-eperl and sw-wml archives and could not find any pointer
to an existing wml/eperl mode for Emacs.  I wrote then an eperl-mode that
works with XEmacs.  Incidentally, it allows me to define a handy WML mode
(based on html-mode + eperl-mode).

You will find the files at 


The eperl-mode is extensively based on extents, so it only works in XEmacs.
I know that there exists a compatibility libray called lucid.el for FSF
Emacs, but I did not try it yet.

The eperl-mode is actually a minor mode that highlights the ePerl chunks in
the buffer.  When the cursor is over a chunk, it is possible to edit that
chunk in a separate, temporary buffer that is put in cperl-mode. This is
done with a key sequnce (by default "C-c space space", but this is
customizable). After editing, the same key sequence will allow the
installation of the chunk back into the buffer.

The wml-mode that you will find in the web site above is really minimalistic
and is not yet finished.  It uses psgml-mode as the major mode and calls
eperl-mode.  This is very handy, as the whole buffer is in SGML[HTML] mode
but the chunks are edited in cperl-mode. I made this file (wml-mode.el)
available just as an base example for a more elaborated WML mode.

Comments, as well as help on porting to FSF Emacs will be appreciated.

Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@debian.org>
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