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Re: [BUG REPORT] WML 2.0.6, Linux RedHat 6.2

On Sat, Nov 25, 2000 at 04:58:46PM +0100, freddy77@angelfire.com wrote:
> Package: WML 2.0.6
> Operating System: Linux RedHat 6.2
> Problem Description:
> | I detected 2 problem in wml::fmt::text
> | 
> | with this source
> | ---test1.wml---
> | #use wml::fmt::text
> | 
> | <text>PROVA</text>
> | --
> | 
> | Output:
> | --test1.html---
> | <strong>PROV</strong>
> | --


there is indeed a bug here (in wml_aux_txt2html), i will try to fix it.

> | If you use filenames containig space in wml_fmt_text the function fail.

i believe that filenames containing spaces should never be used on the
WWW, so i do not want to waste my time fixing this.  There are many other
places were wml is broken this way.
Please do not misunderstand my point, i do not want to prevent you from
using such filenames, but i have really no time to investigate this now.
If someone send patches, they will be committed.

> | if i use wml_fmt_text and the file has line that begin with # I don't see this line. Is a BUG or not ?

Lines beginning with a sharp sign are deleted during pass 8. so you have
to protect your text by using
  <protect pass=8><text>....</text></protect>
or maybe you could use wml::fmt::verbatim instead of wml::fmt::text.

> | If I use table and not provide summary the program output <table ... summary=""> instead of removing summary attribute.

This attribute is added to make `tidy' quiet, and its use is also highly
recommended by the W3C (see wml_std_wai10(7)).
If you prefer not to add this attribute, either run an epilog filter
against output files, or call wml with
   -W7,'-S summary'

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
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