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Bug report, I think, regarding <attributes-quote %attributes>.

Here's a simple macro:

		sub printattr {
			my( $attr, $contents ) = @_;
			return( "$attr" );

	<define-tag test endtag="required">\
	<:= &printattr( qq{<attribtues-quote %attributes>}, qq{%body} ) :>\

This works great when called like

	<test attr1="booga noob" attr2="c">

I get

	attr1="booga noob" attr2="c"

as expected.  I'd like to think this would work with the following as well:

	<test attr1 = "booga noob" attr2 = "c">

but instead, I get

	attr1 ="" booga noob attr2 ="" c

Sorry, but I think that's a bug, not a feature.  :)

The workaround is obvious, of course, but it would be nice if it were fixed at
some point.  Thanks.

						---Ken McGlothlen
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