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Multiple outputs, one input


I am the programmer for www.animewallpapers.com. We currently run
Apache::ASP (based on modperl) to generate all the pages of the site. This
is inefficient; our content is static but we are dynamically generating it
for each and every request. As our website gets more popular, our machine
is running out of resources.

So, I am doing a feasibility study of whether WML would work for my site.
I have read over the documentation, but I am not completely clear on how
to generate multiple output pages from just one page in a scalable
fashion (not just to have an English version and a German version).

Here is an example of what I need to do:


The page is titled "Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpapers (page 1 of 5)"; it
actually has 5 sections, each of which displays 6 thumbnail images. When
someone clicks on a thumbnail, they get an HTML page that includes the
full-sized image embedded in it, e.g.

So I have 5 pages of thumbnails, and 30 pages containing the full-sized

Right now in my Apache::ASP code, all of this is generated from the
following single data structure:

$papers{'evangelion'} = {
  NAME => 'Neon Genesis Evangelion',
  DIR => 'Evangelion',
  SEARCH => q|Genesis Evangelion|,
  IMAGES => [
['Sarcastic59', 1],
['Sarcastic59', 2],
['Sarcastic59', 30]

My question is, can I do something similar in WML? Obviously I do not want
to have to create 35 pages when it should all be doable with 1.

I'm guessing this has something to do with parsing phase #3 (perl) and #9
(code splitting) where phase #3 will generate stuff that phase #9 parses,
but I'm not completely clear on how to do this. Could somebody tell me
more about this?

I would want to be able to use evangelion.wml to generate:
index.html (thumbnail pages)
image-1.html (full-sized image pages)


-Philip Mak (pmak@aaanime.net)

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