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Best practices for creating multi-lingual documents

Hi, I am a newbie to WML and am trying to understand how I can use it
to create multi-lingual documents from a single source file

Whilst the documentation provides a good start, I am looking to see if
there is a way to abstract the multi-lingual strings into some form of
a resource bundle [Each language has a file containing a moniker and
its corresponding language string]

For example, whilst the following WML file is great for small number
of tags and small number of languages, it tends to break down with
large number of tags/languages

#use wml::std::lang
#use wml::std::tags

<lang::new id=en short>
<lang::new id=fr short>
<define-tag mytitle whitespace=delete>
<en: Hello>
<fr: Bon Jour>


Is it possible to create an en.def and a fr.def file which could
conceptually have the following
en.def ==>
MONIKER2::Some long random English text

fr.def ==>
TITLE::Bon Jour
MONIKER2:: Some long random French text

Thus one could provide the .def files to appropiate translators and
the tag definition could be changed to read the appropiate monikers
However, I don't know if this is possible since the tag definition
occurs in pass 2 and what I may need to do would require ePerl in pass

Has anybody else done something similar, Is there some other way to do
multi-lingual pages with string definitions coming from different

Regards, Yusuf
Yusuf Goolamabbas
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