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Automagical Directory Creation?


One question or feature request:

Is there an easy way to let WML create the directory, in which the
target HTML file should got to, if that directory doesn't exist? (This
makes only sense, if you use e.g. <lang:star:slice: /target-path> to
set the directory where the target file should reside in.) I didn't
find anything about such a feature in the documentation or faq.

Before we (means my employer) started using WML, we had a self-written
and not very flexible C++ program to combine templates and content.
The target directory was given in the header section of the content
file. If the directory didn't exist, this program created the
necessary hierachy. Just because all people here are used to have all
content files in one directory and let them create HTML files in the
whole web tree, we continued with this policy after we changed to WML.

But with WML I get always error messages like "cannot load
/home/www/htdocs/About/Addresses/index.de.html for unprotection at
/usr/local/bin/wml line 720." if some directory does not exist. (In
that case, /home/www/htdocs/About/ had no subdirectories...)

Were I just blind? If not, I would appreciate, if such a (IMHO very
useful) feature could be offered in future releases of WML.

Because of this automagical directory creation usually is done
silently, there should be a switch, which enables or disables this
feature. And of course, the default should be not to create any

(For a long time, we had two directories called organisations and
 organizations and thought that there were just one. Reason was a typo
 in one of the content files.)

		Regards, Axel
Axel Beckert - abe@cs.uni-sb.de - http://abe.home.pages.de/
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WWW-Administrator IBFI Schloss Dagstuhl; Students Representative
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