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auto-adjusted variables: behaviour changed?


I've a small, but nasty problem.

I used to use wml version 1.6.8 but I'm trying to switch over to 2.0.6.

I compile all my HTML file by using regular GNU Makefiles; and
my source files are standing in a _src/ subdirectory.

And than, when I run `make`, I see:

psvweb@jupiter > make
wml  _src/todolist.phpwml -o todolist.php

So far, so good...

But in WML version 2.0.6 I see that my auto-adjusted variables get an extra
'../' in front of it. At first I didn't understand it, but I found out that
when I place the source files in the current working directory and I run

#> wml todolist.phpwml -o todolist.php

the extra '../' in the auto-adjusted variables is gone. And everything works.

So, the question is: Why that extra '../'? 
Is it a bug, or a changed "feature"?

Where can I find the major changes in behaviour between the wml versions?

How to solve this?
(Yes, I want to have the source files in a subdirectory)


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