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Re: lost javascript code for navbar

On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 12:14:59AM +0100, Denis Barbier wrote:
> wml::des::navbar (1) contains an explanation (read <navbar:jsfuncs>
> section). You may find this is overcomplicated, but i had to face with
> many different situations, and did not find a better solution.

Thanks for the solution....

Why is there standing in "Options of <navbar:jsfuncs>:" that it is
automatically called from <navbar:render>?

Not so automatically? Or am I missing something?

Perhaps also a good idee to include the statement in the examples,
which should be "complete examples" as told at the top of the page.

> > PS I found my solution for the the <prog> in <compound>
> >    But why is the <prog> gone in wml-2.0.x?
> Don't remember exactly why. Anyway, you could use <group> instead, and
>   <let prog=group>
> should make your pages WML 2.x compatible. There are some explanations
> on the README.mp4h file.

<group> removed all the spaces between the text.
<compound>...</compound> didn't do that.


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