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<define-tag in combination with <navbar:define

Hi there,

I have some problemes using the <define-tag in combination with the

The problem is that I can't define a navigation bar using the
<define-tag...> thing, cause
<define-tag seemed to vanish the name of the bar.


<define-tag mnb endtag=required>
  <navbar:define name=<get-var name> imgbase="img/" urlbase="$(ROOT)"
          txtcol_normal="#000000" txtcol_select="#ffffff">
        <table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="0" width="15%">
      <navbar:prolog><tr><td bgcolor="#cccccc"></navbar:prolog>
      <navbar:prolog type=S> <tr><td bgcolor="#cc3333"> </navbar:prolog>
      <navbar:prolog type=SS> <tr><td bgcolor="#cc3333">


      <navbar:epilog type=S></td></tr><navbar:epilog>
      <navbar:epilog type=SS></td></tr><navbar:epilog>

It seemed to me that <get-var name> does not work. I have read in the
pages and tried to 
do a <preserve name> but this couldn't work as I recognized later.

I have read some examples and there a thing like <define-container ...>
but <define-container
is proposed obsolete.

Does some one have a suggestion, hint etc. Or didn't I read somthing
what I should have read?

Many thanks in advance.

BTW: WML seemed to be a vary powerful tool. Thanks to the developers.
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