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Re: <define-tag in combination with <navbar:define

Karl-Heinz Marbaise wrote:

> Hi there,

> I have some problemes using the <define-tag in combination with the
> <navbar:define.
> The problem is that I can't define a navigation bar using the
> <define-tag...> thing, cause
> <define-tag seemed to vanish the name of the bar.
> Example:
> <define-tag mnb endtag=required>
>   <navbar:define name=<get-var name> imgbase="img/" urlbase="$(ROOT)"
>           txtcol_normal="#000000" txtcol_select="#ffffff">
<define-tag mnb endtag=required>
<preserve name />
<set-var %attributes />
<navbar:define name=<get-var name/> ;;; etc

and when you call <mnb> macro :

<mnb name="mynavbar" >
some stuff

(you migth read all /usr/lib/wml/includes/???/*wml files : these are 
very useful examples)

> BTW: WML seemed to be a vary powerful tool. Thanks to the developers.
I agree with you


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