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Re: wml & cookies


Nico Galoppo wrote:
> is it possible to combine cookies and wml? 

If you like to produce plain HTML, you can use JavaScript to set
cookies. (Perhaps <META TYPE="http-equiv" CONTENT="SetCookie: ...">
works, too.)

> How do i make it clear to WML to put a piece of code in a '.wml'
> file BEFORE anything else (so that nothing is sent to the server
> before the cookie headers)?

That's just possible, if you generate PHP, EmbPerl (that's the way, I
would do it :-), ePerl, JSP, ASP, XSP or other server-side scripting
language code with WML. Then you just need to put your scripting code
that sets cookies just at the beginning of e.g. the WML template for
your site.

WML itself just generates the code, you serve on your web-server. It
does not interact with the server in any way. So it depends on your
server, what it does with your WML generated code.

		Regards, Axel
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