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Re: Nested eperl tags

On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 12:39:58PM +0100, Petr Andreyev wrote:
> Hi Denis,
> i'm glad that WML will be developed further. What are the  directions of the
> future WML development, except for fixing existing problems?

Hmmm, no great challenge to focus on, suggestions are welcome.
My plans are to work on easing migration to WML 2.x and apply some
patches that are sleeping into my home repository.

> We have discovered a couple of bugs in embedded eperl tags construction.

Indeed, very nice example which demonstrates the problem.

After a quick look into your patch, it is clear that in inner <perl>, we
need to know what outer <perl> is looking for. But i will say that there
are four possible states (sq stands for single quotes and dq for double
   assign-dq assign-sq print-dq print-sq
Code added when entering into inner <perl> depends upon this outer
state, i believe this is roughly what your patch is doing.
If you want, you may implement those 4 states, otherwise i'll do.

PS: please use diff -u or -c, it is easier to read.

Denis Barbier
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