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Using information in other documents

I have just started using WML, and so far it looks very good! But there is
one thing that I cannot see how I can get it to do for me: I cannot find a
way to reference and use parts (meta information, like the title) of a
document in another document.

I want be able to write something like:

<href url="document">

and have WML fetch the title of the document and make HTML like:

<a href="document">Title</a>

A use for this is in a location bar as seen on useit.com,
e.g.: http://www.useit.com/alertbox/20001112.html or Yahoo in their

(This goes beyond referring to the title: there can be other information
in a document that would be of use in another document: A verbatim
description, the author, when it was last updated, the pages that it is a
menu to...)

This function would have to refer to the WML source of a document, because
documents may refer to each other in a cyclic way. It would, however, also
be nice to be able to refer to content and attributes of HTML documents,
e.g. documents on another server. E.g. have 

<href url="http://dinsen.net/anders/qms-ps810.html">

expanded into <A HREF="url">Title of document at the time of

This is mostly thoughts, as mentioned above, I have no idea how to
implement this in WML. Hopefully some of you experienced users can help me

Anders Dinsen

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