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Re: Using information in other documents


Anders Dinsen wrote:
> I cannot find a way to reference and use parts (meta information,
> like the title) of a document in another document.
> I want be able to write something like:
> <href url="document">
> and have WML fetch the title of the document and make HTML like:
> <a href="document">Title</a>

I had a similar problem when implemeting navigation bars, which should
represent the path structure as links to every level.

All link descriptions are given as variable values in the source file.
My WML template writes this data together with path and file name in
some file named file-descriptions.psv (pipe separated values :-). When
bulding the navigation bar, the template finds out the appropriate
path and links to every level using the data from this file.

The disadvantage is known from the table of contents in LaTeX written
documents: You have at least to compile all documents twice at the
beginning, but after that usually one compilation is enough.

Using the dynamic version suggested in some other reply is more
complicated in our environment, because all source files are in the
same directory while the result are spread over the whole htdocs

		Regards, Axel
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