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prob with language-tags when opening a file with EPerl

I'm opening a file through (I know I could do it in WML with #include, but would be much much more work) which contains language tags like <en></en>. my problem is now that WML ignores these tags :(

------- the WML file with EPerl code --------

	$tmp =  $ddir.$images[$count][0].".desc";
	open (DESCFILE, "<$tmp");
	while (<DESCFILE>) {
			print $_;
	close (DESCFILE);

------------ the description file ------------
<en>altachum - The old watchtower at the westcoast during sunset.<br>
	A motiv I'm still painting sometimes.</en>
<de>altachum - Der Wachturm and der Westküste bei Sonnenuntergang.<br>
	Ein Motiv dass mich auch heute noch beschäftigt.</de>

#use wml::std::grid
#include "includes/main.inc"

<navigation page=art>
<last-update date="2001 02 04" time="16:30 CET">
##<last-update date="2000 09 19">

#include "news/art.news"

<qlink http://www.gimp.org "The GIMP">
<qlink http://misery.subnet.at Misery>
<qlink http://tigert.gimp.org "Tigert">
<qlink http://artramp.org "artwiz">


Manchmal spiel ich mich halt ein bißchen mit <thref name="GIMP"> und da 
kommt dann sowas raus.
Sometimes I play around with <thref name="GIMP"> and this is the result

<table border="0">

my $adir = "/images/art/";
my $tdir = "/images/art/_thumb/";
my $xdir = "/images/art/_xcf/";
my $ddir = "/Arbeit/www.tomk32.de/images/art/_desc/";
my $count = 0;

#### normal size, thumbnail and xcf-file
@images = (
		["tomk32-2.png", "", "tomk32-2.xcf.gz"],
		["two-moon-night.png", "", "two-moon-night.xcf.gz"],
		["mystic-sphere3-blank.png", "mystic-sphere3-blank.png", 
		["mystic-sphere2.png", "mystic-sphere2-blank.png", 
		["altachum.jpg", "altachum.jpg", ""]
$imagecount = @images;

while ($imagecount > $count) {
	print "<t<><td>";
	if (!$images[$count][1] && !$images[$count][2]) {
		print "<img src=\"$adir$images[$count][0]\" alt=\"$images[$count][0]\">\n\n";
	if ($images[$count][1] && !$images[$count][2]) {
		print "<img src=\"$tdir$images[$count][1]\" alt=\"$images[$count][0]\">\n\t",
			"<br clear=\"all\"><a href=\"$adir$images[$count][2]\">",
	if (!$images[$count][1] && $images[$count][2]) {
		print "<img src=\"$adir$images[$count][0]\" alt=\"$images[$count][0]\">\n\t",
			"<br clear=\"all\"><a href=\"$xdir$images[$count][2]\">xcf file</a>\n\n";
	if ($images[$count][1] && $images[$count][2]) {
		print "<img src=\"$tdir$images[$count][1]\" alt=\"$images[$count][0]\">\n",
			"\t<br clear=\"all\"><a href=\"$xdir$images[$count][2]\">xcf file</a> | ",
			"\n\t<a href=\"$adir$images[$count][0]\">",
	print "</td><td>";
	$tmp =  $ddir.$images[$count][0].".desc";
	open (DESCFILE, "<$tmp");
	while (<DESCFILE>) {
			print $_;
	close (DESCFILE);
		print "</td></tr>";