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[wml] New release (unstable)


WML 2.1a1 is out, this is the first unstable release since the
discussion about having stable and unstable branches.
I did not work on WML for a while, so i have to get back into source
code before releasing WML 2.0.7.
Here is a brief summary of changes, read
for details.

  Changes between 2.0.6 and 2.1a1:
    *) Fixed wml::std::href (10-Mar-2001)
    *) Fixed wml::std::page (21-Feb-2001)
    *) Fixed wml::des::preload (21-Feb-2001)
    *) Remove special characters in debugging output (20-Feb-2001)
    *) New <disjoin> tag (20-Feb-2001)
    *) Fix bug with body tag surrounded by quotes (20-Feb-2001)
    *) New logos (18-Dec-2000)
    *) Upgraded to txt2html 1.28 (26-Nov-2000)
    *) Fix wml::fmt::text (26-Nov-2000)
    *) Change transparency in wml::des::imgdot (22-Nov-2000)
    *) Improve wml_p5_divert (21-Nov-2000)
    *) Improve wml::des::navbar (15-Nov-2000)
    *) Improve wml_p7_htmlfix (15-Nov-2000)
    *) Fix bugs with conditionals (13-Nov-2000)
    *) Fix nested ePerl tags implementation (10-Nov-2000)
    *) Fix wml::des::navbar (30-Oct-2000)
    *) Upgrade ePerl to current CVS version (29-Oct-2000)
    *) New `all except' operator in slice terms (29-Oct-2000)

PS: my casual mailserver is down for the whole week-end, i may be reached
    at barbier@engelschall.com instead.


Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
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