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Re: prob with language-tags when opening a file with EPerl

On Sun, Feb 18, 2001 at 11:25:27PM +0100, Thomas R. Koll wrote:
> I'm opening a file through (I know I could do it in WML with #include, but would be much much more work) which contains language tags like <en></en>. my problem is now that WML ignores these tags :(
> ------- the WML file with EPerl code --------
> 	$tmp =  $ddir.$images[$count][0].".desc";
> 	open (DESCFILE, "<$tmp");
> 	while (<DESCFILE>) {
> 			print $_;
> 	}
> 	close (DESCFILE);
> ------------ the description file ------------
> <en>altachum - The old watchtower at the westcoast during sunset.<br>
> 	A motiv I'm still painting sometimes.</en>
> <de>altachum - Der Wachturm and der Westküste bei Sonnenuntergang.<br>
> 	Ein Motiv dass mich auch heute noch beschäftigt.</de>

Hi Thomas,

these tags are expanded during pass 2, and ePerl is run in pass 3 so it
won't work. Furthermore lang slices are processed during the last pass.
So if you want to include these files with ePerl, you have to make these
tags understandable by wml_p9_slice, try something like:

 	while (<DESCFILE>) {

Denis Barbier
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