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Re: Parsing WML to insert records into database

Yusuf Goolamabbas wrote:
> I am looking to reuse the WML toolchain to parse documents in this
> form
> <define-tag footag whitespace=delete>
> <es: Espanol>
> <de: German text>
> <fr: French text>
> <us: US English text>
> <countrycode: Some translation>
> </define-tag>
> so that I can insert the information into a database. I am kinda
> having a mental block as to how to go about this. Has anybody done
> something similar and if so what were the techniques they used
> Regards, Yusuf

What kind of DB structure do you expect with this ? ;-) 

Could you tell me more about what you want to obtain ?

Do you want to define *one* tag for *one* DB record as your example
seems to do ?

Jean-Michel Sauvage
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