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Re: Including multiple files while retaining order

On Wednesday 18 April 2001 15:13, you wrote:
> Is there a way to include all the files in a directory, like
> #include 'blah/*'
> that will include the files in alphabetic order?
> If not, do you have a suggestion on how to do this? Macro expansion
> is done in pass 2 while perl is done in pass 3 so using perl
> doesn't cut it.

You can do it in mp4h (pass 2) with its <directory-contents ... /> tag. I'd 
suggest something like this:

<set-var l=<directory-contents "blah" matching=".*\\.wml$" /> />
<while <get-var l />
  <include <array-pop l /> />

(have'nt tested it though)

- Anders

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