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Re: [wml] Re: your mail

On Fri, Apr 27, 2001 at 09:36:45AM +0200, Fritz Zaucker wrote:
> Hi Denis,
> I just stumbled over this when somebody mentioned WML 2.1 and I had a
> look at the website to see if I missed a new release.
> This is just trivialities, but I thought I'll send them anyway.

Sure, i will discuss some issues later.
Concerning the versioning scheme, next version will be WML 2.0.7,
snapshots are numbered as before, and the new 2.1aN series is somewhere
between these ones, it contains some experimental code which may not be
put into stable releases, and is more reliable than snapshots because
it passed `make test' stage and can successfully rebuild the WML
When it is time, stable releases are 2.1.x (so there is no even/odd

Denis Barbier
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