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Re: presentation example with WML

Hi Werner and everybody,

I think that you should mention XML in some way. If you really want to promote
WML you must speak about XML, because probably you will be asked: why do we
need WML, since we have XML and XSL already??. I have once had a long
discussion with an XML-devoted person, and this was not very easy :).

First, actually WML can be considered as a rendering tool for
XML documents. I'm sure that it is much more than just that, but it could be
very useful and extremally  interesting to compare rendering capabilities of
XSL (or other rendering schemes) and WML. This comparision can probably
promote WML very well.

Second, WML is orthogonal to XML as a data storage and exchange mechanism.

I'm looking forward to hear what you think of this.


On Mon, 14 May 2001, Werner Heuser wrote:

> Hi,
> as already announced, I will make a presentation of WML
> at 16th May at the Berlin Linux User Group http://www.belug.org

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