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Re: presentation example with WML

Jan Holler wrote:
> > <TABLE BORDER="0" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100">


> This gives different results with NN4 and IE5. NN4 does
> respect the width-option but not the height-option while
> IE respects both.

At least all the NN I use (3.x to 4.77, Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows
95/NT4) do respect them, but maybe it was just my typo which screwed
up some examplary tests.

> Btw: CSS are a really pain in the ass. There are too many
> differences between the different browsers.

At the moment, yes, but there is a little bit of hope in me. :-) And
for making old style HTML optionally look fine, it does a quite good
job. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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