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Re: presentation example with WML

On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 07:25:59PM +0200, Werner Heuser wrote:
> ..
> > There was a little typo in my last mail...
> Hi Axel,
> I have corrected this by myself already, it works (not yet
> online), but thank you again.
> But now I have another question at my slides
> http://mobilix.org/wml_slides/
> I use the #PREV# and #NEXT# diversion in the navigation bar,
> this works fine :)
> But I want to have a separate navigation bar just containing,
> the PREV and NEXT buttons is there an easy way to achieve this.
> I fiddled a little with a construction like this.
> {:
> [[s/"unwanted navbar buttons"//g]]
> <navbar:render name=$(name) select=$(select)>
> :}
> Though it works, I'm looking for a simpler solution.

Hi Werner,

did you try with <navbar:filter>?

Denis Barbier
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