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Problem with ifeq


i'm new to this list and to wml. A friend recommended the software wml and
i like it.

But i have a problem with the <ifeq> tag. It does not say yes when the two
strings are equal:

FILE #1: test.wml
is "{#VAR#}" equal to "fubar"?
<ifeq "{#VAR#}" "fubar" "Yes!" "No? Why not?!">
is "{#VAR#}" equal to "bamf"?
<ifeq "{#VAR#}" "bamf" "Yes, strangely..." "No, of course not!">
is "dummy" equal to "dummy"?
<ifeq dummy "dummy" "yes." "no.">
<define-tag test whitespace=delete

FILE #2: go.wml
#include 'test.wml'
<test "fubar">

Then i type wml go.wml and i get:

is "fubar" equal to "fubar"?
No? Why not?!
is "fubar" equal to "bamf"?
No, of course not!
is "dummy" equal to "dummy"?

So my question: why is fubar <> fubar?
I haven't found something about this in the docs (espacially in
Has this something to fo with "invisible" chars (like line-feed or
something similar)?
How can i get the right answer?

Thanks in advance,


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