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WML 2.0.7


i am very pleased to announce that WML 2.0.7 has just been released
and available from

As you know, there had been discussions on CVS branches.
Unfortunately i did not do my job here and did not incorporate fixes
into the stable branch, so backporting them now was a pain and i decided
to release WML 2.1a2 (which is very stable despite its name, it only
demonstrates that it is part of the CVS trunk) and copy this version
into 2.0.7.  This is why these 2 versions have the same timestamp.

Here is a brief summary of changes between 2.0.6 and 2.0.7, have a look
at     http://www.engelschall.com/sw/wml/distrib/wml-2.0.7/ChangeLog
for further details.

    *) Change <tli> in wml::des::typography (20-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix compilation of Bit::Vector with perl < 5.005 (20-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix nested ePerl tags implementation (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Upgraded to Image::Size 2.93 (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix wml_p7_htmlfix (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix wml::fmt::verbatim (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix diversion (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Upgraded to Bit::Vector 6.0 (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix protection (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Update wml_contrib/wml.spec.in (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fixed wml::std::href (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fixed wml::std::page (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fixed wml::des::preload (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Remove special characters in debugging output (19-Jun-2001)
    *) New <disjoin> tag (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix bug with body tag surrounded by quotes (19-Jun-2001)
    *) New logos (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Upgraded to txt2html 1.28 (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix wml::fmt::text (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Change transparency in wml::des::imgdot (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Improve wml_p5_divert (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Improve wml::des::navbar (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Improve wml_p7_htmlfix (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix bugs with conditionals (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Fix wml::des::navbar (19-Jun-2001)
    *) Upgrade ePerl to current CVS version (19-Jun-2001)
    *) New `all except' operator in slice terms (29-Oct-2000)

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
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