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Re: Bug report

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 12:22:21PM +0200, alvise@lettere.unipd.it wrote:
> From:     Alvise Belotti
> Reply-To: alvise@lettere.unipd.it
> I'm experienced a problem with the include statement in xtable.
> This snippet of code produce an error
> <xtable  border="3" width="100%">
> (1,1)
> <!-- Navigation bar -->
> <br>
> <navbar:render name=laventa select=$(area)>
> <br>
> <!-- Fine della Navigation bar -->
> (2,1)
> <div align="center">
> <!--Tabella delle immagini laterali -->
> #include "$(WML_SRC_BASENAME).inc"
> <!-- Fine tabella immagini laterali -->
> </div>
> </xtable>
> This appear only when i tried to use the #include inside <xtable>; if i
> commented out the include part, all went ok. 


wml 2.0.7 has a fix with nested ePerl tags, so it may solve your
It is not related to the #include statement, but to what is included in
this file. You should then replace this line, and try to build a minimal
but consistent example showing this bug, containing all materials
(definition of navbars, etc).

Denis Barbier
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