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RE: Web page margins

On 09-Jul-01 Alvise Belotti wrote:
> If you prefer setting this margin to 0, you have tu put 
> inside <body> (NS and IE behaves differently in this respect, obviously :-).
> The problem lies in that if you put that instructions inside <page> they are
> silently discarded.

I patched info.wml (wml 1.74):

In the fist part you could add:

     <preserve marginwidth>
     <preserve marginheight>

Inside <body ....> you add:

     <if <get-var marginwidth> " marginwidth=\"<get-var marginwidth>\" \
      leftmargin=\"<get-var marginwidth>\"" "leftmargin=\"8\"">\
     <if <get-var marginheight> " marginheight=\"<get-var marginheight>\" \
      topmargin=\"<get-var marginheight>\ "" " topmargin=\"8\"">\

Near the end you should add, when preserved before.

     <restore marginheight>
     <restore marginwidth>

I have put an 8 pixel default margin for Explorer so that it displays
the same margins as Netscape if not set by the user.


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