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Re: perl version output of configure?

On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 03:42:11PM +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:
> Hi!
> After having (solved, I hope) some libperl.so problems, I tried to
> configure WML 2.0.7 (on Solaris 2.7, Sun Ultra 10) and was wondering
> about the following output of the WML configure script:
> | CHECK: Perl Language
> | checking for Perl language... /usr/local/bin/perl v5.006
> But "/usr/local/bin/perl -v" returns "This is perl, v5.6.1 built for
> sun4-solaris". And also my libperl.so now is from 5.6.1, regarding
> it's creation date, because today I installed only one PERL version.
> :-)
> Is this a bug or a feature of the configure script? Or has something
> terribly gone wrong with my system?

Hi Axel,

nothing wrong, this version number comes from
    perl -e 'printf "%.3f", $]'
Maybe we should use
    perl -e 'print $]'
instead, but is it really important?

Denis Barbier
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