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Re: perl version output of configure?


Denis Barbier wrote:
> nothing wrong, this version number comes from
>     perl -e 'printf "%.3f", $]'

Noticed it later using <:=$] :>, because I didn't find the position in
the configure file, where it is determined... (As Murphy's Law
predicted: Now I've found it...)

> Maybe we should use
>     perl -e 'print $]'
> instead, but is it really important?

Well, at least, the actual solution is some kind of confusing, if you
upgrade between subversions, like I did today.

It wouldn't be so much confusing, if $] would have been 5.006000 in
PERL 5.6.0, or if the output of the WML configure script would have
been only "5.6", because in that cases the output (IMHO) would be
clearly a truncated value.

Personally I would prefer an output like "5.6.0" or "5.7.1" (based on
$^V), but IMHO at least it should be the full value or if it's a
truncated value, it should be clearly indicated, that the shown value
is truncated.

		Regards, Axel
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