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Re: perl version output of configure?


Denis Barbier wrote:
> > Personally I would prefer an output like "5.6.0" or "5.7.1" (based on
> > $^V), but IMHO at least it should be the full value or if it's a
> > truncated value, it should be clearly indicated, that the shown value
> > is truncated.
> Agree, but $^V has appeared with Perl 5.6.0.  

Seems as if I'm not as long into business as some others here. Hmmm, 4
years? No, looks as if I just often forgot those backwards
compatibility problems. (Although that doesn't happen to me e.g. with
HTML... ;-) I'm so used with 5.6.x, that I often forgot that some
things just appeared in 5.6.0 like "no warnings;", "our", etc.

> If you find a solution which works with all versions >= 5.005 (and
> also future Perl versions ;)) then let me know.

I'll think about it, but don't have too big hopes, that I've enough
time in the near future... ;-/

> I did not want to spend too much time on this, and also did not want
> to break this version detection.

Sure. I agree completely. If I find a solution, it's version detection
probably will be the same. Only the version output will be more
accurate. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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