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Re: <navbar> bug?

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 08:59:19AM -0400, Warren Turkal wrote:
> I am reading the docs and it says that the imgstar attribute is used to 
> make your buttons change graphics on different events in the order 
> std:selected:hover.  However, when I use it in the following way IE 
> asks me to debug the script in the page and netscape does not run the 
> script in the page.
> Ex code:
> #use wml::des::navbar
> <navbar:define name="leftNavBar"
>   imgstar=std:sel:ovr
>   imgbase=$(ROOT)/pics/nav_buttons>
>   <navbar:header>
>     <p>
>   </navbar:header>
>   <navbar:button img="nav_button_home-*.png"
>     id="homeButton"
>     alias="leftNavButton"
>     txt="Goto to the home page"
>     url="index.html"/>
>   <navbar:epilog>
>     <br/>
>   </navbar:epilog>
>   <navbar:footer>
>   </navbar:footer>
> </navbar:define>
> NOTE: If I take the imgstar out, all is good.

It means that default values are good, your image filenames are
and not
So you have to specify

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