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Re: Multi Language Support Question

Denis Barbier wrote:
> > Those uppercase parameters probably would be nice for use inside the
> > .wmlrc's and .wmkrc's... :-)
> [...]
> But these options must also be accessible from wml command-line, so it
> is surely better to find another way by applying modifiers to the -o
> flag.

Ack. I didn't think a lot about it, because I had the -W parameter in
mind, so it should work, but isn't very ergonomical. But due to the -o
of wml and slice are the same parameters, you're right. And my seocnd
suggestion (add modifiers directly after -o as '-opn' or '-oa')
doesn't work with wml, because it accepts BSD style options like

> For instance we may add suffix
>      -o sliceterm:outputfile[@chmodcmd][#modifier]
> where modifier is your [apnAPN] options described above.

Sounds good and is definitely more elegant than my suggestions.
Although the "Apply to all following -o's" (uppercase) options don't
work that way, at least not very intuitively: The parameter for the
last output slice determines also the behaviour of the next ones. We
not really want that! :-)

Therefore I would suggest a parameter '-S' (for *s*lice behaviour) to
wml and slice, which gets as values a string containing one or more of
those flags.

Examples, which result in the same file:

#!wml -S an -oDEuUNDEF:foo.de.html@g+x -oENuUNDEF:foo.en.html@g+x
#!wml -oDEuUNDEF:foo.de.html@g+x#an -oENuUNDEF:foo.en.html@g+x#an

		Regards, Axel
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