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Re: Multi Language Support Question

Me again... :-)

Axel Beckert wrote:
> Therefore I would suggest a parameter '-S' (for *s*lice behaviour) to
> wml and slice, which gets as values a string containing one or more of
> those flags.
> Examples, which result in the same file:
> #!wml -S an -oDEuUNDEF:foo.de.html@g+x -oENuUNDEF:foo.en.html@g+x

Of course, BSD style should be allowed here, too:

#!wml -San -oDEuUNDEF:foo.de.html@g+x -oENuUNDEF:foo.en.html@g+x

> #!wml -oDEuUNDEF:foo.de.html@g+x#an -oENuUNDEF:foo.en.html@g+x#an

As I read my own lines: Analogously a -C option for wml an slices
could define a default chmodcmd for all following slices, which would
be also very useful inside .wmlrc's and .wmkrc's. (I thought about
that a few days ago, too, but had no good idea and postponed it,
because a 'find . -name "*.html" | xargs chmod g+x' did it well for
playing around with the XBitHack of Apache... :-)

But perhaps it would be more intuitive, if we use -# instead of -S and
-@ instead of -C, because those are the seperators in the -o
parameter... So here's that example again:

#!wml -#an -@g+x -oDEuUNDEF:foo.de.html -oENuUNDEF:foo.en.html
#!wml -oDEuUNDEF:foo.de.html@g+x#an -oENuUNDEF:foo.en.html@g+x#an

		Regards, Axel
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