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Re: Behaviour configuration of slice (was: Re: Multi Language Support Question)

On Sun, Jul 22, 2001 at 12:52:21AM +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:
> OK, we better start at the beginning: What do we need?
> Defining the behaviour of slice if
>   a) a mentioned slice doesn't exist,
>   b) a mentioned slice wildcard doesn't match and
>   c) the whole output file just contains (or would contain) only
>      white spaces or the empty string

I cut this one into 2 pieces:
    c) the whole output file is empty
    d) the whole output file just contains only white spaces

> I each case, we have at least two possible behaviours:
>   1) write the file nevertheless, setting all undefined slices to the
>      empty string.
>   2) Don't write the file at all.
> In the first two cases (and perhaps also in third case), we have a
> third possibility:
>   3) Exit with error message.
> To get the most powerful solution, we have to assign the behaviours
> 1-3 to the cases a-c, so single on/off flags won't work. :-(

I just uploaded 1.3a802 which implements the following syntax:
above [a-d] cases are handled by resp. u, w, z and s modifiers,
and are postfixed by a number:
    0: output is processed as usual
    1: this sliceset is skipped
    2: stop processing
These flags may be combined, e.g.

I agree this is not very user-friendly, improvement are welcome ;)

Denis Barbier
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