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Re: wml 2.0.7: ePerl printf

Hi Karl-Heinz,

Karl-Heinz Marbaise <kmarbaise@qis-systemhaus.de> writes:

>   print $output;
>   printf STDOUT '%02d:%02d:%02d UTC %04d', $hour, $min, $sec, $year;
> My questions is now, why does the simple print $output
> work correctley but the printf STDOUT does only produce
> "d:d:d UTC d" in output HTML file?
> Am I not allowed to use printf in ePerl?
It's because print and printf have a different syntax.
Try: printf STDOUT ("%02d:%02d:%02d UTC %04d", $hour, $min, $sec, $year);
Note the () and the quotes ".

Klaus Brand
Compaq Computer Corporation @ SAP LinuxLab

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