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2nd try: Netscape 6 seems to screw up table layouts

Hi again,

sorry about the last email, it got sent before it
was complete, heres the full version :-)


Hi there,

I thought Id give Netscape V6.1 a try and downloaded the
new version yesterday.

I was suprised though when I used it to look at my 
WML-generated pages: the table-based layout suddenly
has extra vertical whitespace between the various GIFs
that make up the page layout (top, left, and bottom), 
and I cant find any possible reason in my WML code, or the 
HTML code wml generates from it.

My pages look fine with Netscape V2.x, V3.x, V4.x 
(both Win and Linux), IE V5.x, Opera V5.12 (Win).

Can anybody confirm this? Is that possibly a bug 
in Netscape/Gecko, or is there a problem with my HTML
code after all?

If anybody wants to check out the effect Im talking about,
goto http://www.aspetersen.de/home_e.html 

Thanks in advance for any feedback,


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