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Re: [wml] RE: Creating both frames and non-frames versions of awebsite?

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Jan Holler wrote:

> With the slices you generate the two different html-files you
> need. The divertion-mechanism will fill in your date into
> the slices.


> > I'm also interested in knowing whether anybody else uses wml for this
> > purpose.

> I don't. Too much effort for the result.

I think the beauty of WML is that you have to spend the effort only
once (creating the appropriate templates) and thereafter everything is
done automatically.

We have not done whats you are after (mainly because we don't like
frames), but we have done this for multi-lingual sites, which works
just fine. Another application would be to automatically create
print-friendly pages.

The main "difficulty" for the frame/no-frame problem might be to get
site-internal linking right, because you want the pages to open in the
correct frame. Also, if you want to use some kind of navigation bar,
the only solution I see is to have a frame-set page created for each
frame combination (or perhaps some more or less compatible
javascript-magic). This has the additional advantage that your pages
are again bookmarkable and the disadvantage that all frames need to be
reload if you click onto a link, which defeats one of the purposes of
having a frame-site in the first place (the other benefit of frames
not scrolling away stays, of course). Frames are just not very cleanly
implemented in HTML, I believe.


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