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RE: How to do if..then..elsif

On 20-Aug-01 rvg@creato.org wrote:
> My problem is that I would like to define a WML macro that is modelled as an
> if .. then .. elseif .. else ...

> Depending on the bid I would like to show the appropriate suit symbol in the
> output.  I would also like to have a default error handling clause at the 
> end.

Would ePerl (pass 3) help you here? With mhc/mp4h you can use

<ifeq <get-var bli> <get-var bla>
 <set-var foo=first-if-clause>
 <ifeq <get-var bli> <get-var blo>   /* that's the "if-else" */
  <set-var foo=second-if-clause>
  <set-var foo=second-else-clause>


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