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Re: Attributes / variables delimiters

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001 00:24:39 +0200, Denis Barbier wrote:

> If mp4h is confused by long and complex constructs, it may be a bug in
> your pages or in mp4h, and it would be nice to have your example to add
> it to the mp4h torture suite ;)
> Could you put some sources online which demonstrate this problem?

Ok, but since my repeated includes and tag definitions don't make the
sources easy to analyse, here is, first, a bug which I just managed to
pin down :


<set-var dir[1]="1" dir[2]="2">
dir[1]=<get-var dir[1]>
dir[2]=<get-var dir[2]>
dir[3]=<get-var dir[3]>



Also, I noticed that error lines given by WML do not correspond to
"real" lines (vim's line count for exemple) when using \ at the end of
lines: a lines ending with \ and the following one is counted as a
single line. This makes debugging more difficult...


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